This summer the ‘Climate, Health, and Home’ project team ran three workshops in Philadelphia. The workshop theme this year focused on senior citizens, heat waves, and emergency preparedness. The presentations also provided basic information about climate change in Philadelphia, how climate change impacts health, and how Philadelphians can modify their home environments with air quality, water damage, and energy efficiency in mind.  The workshops also reviewed a host of city services and nongovernmental resources available to Philadelphians.

The “Staying Cool in a Changing Climate” workshops were designed and facilitated by a team from six Philadelphia-based organizations: Russ Zerbo (Clean Air Council), Ali Kenner and Chloe Hriso (Drexel University), Julia Menzo (Liberty Lutheran), Deepa Manikar (National Nurse-Led Care Consortium), and Jessica Caum, Maria Ramirez, Teija Corse, and Rebecca Miah (Philadelphia Department of Public Health). Our workshops were held at Philadelphia locations that could serve as cooling centers during a ‘heat health emergency,’ which is PDPH’s term for heat waves. These locations were the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center, South Philadelphia Free Library, and McPherson’s Library. 

In our third workshop, Russ Zerbo gives participants an overview of climate change and its impact on Philadelphia. This workshop was held at the McPherson Library in Kensington on August 2, 2017.

A total of 91 people participated in the workshops, from a total of 25 zip codes across the city. The workshops ran approximately two hours, with presentations, discussion, and activities. We also had participants fill out pre-workshop surveys and post-workshop surveys, which asked what they knew about climate change, whether they had experienced its effects, and how they might address it through public and private strategies. 

Our project team is also conducting oral history interviews with workshop participants. We are planning a ‘project findings and resource fair’ for Tuesday October 24th at the West Philadelphia Senior Community Center, from 2:00-5:00PM. This will be open to the public. Mark your calendars and check back here for more updates on project findings!