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Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping can elucidate neighborhoods that are at high risk of flooding, as well as the infrastructure that is currently in place to combat flooding events. I used the Flood Insurance Rate Map database established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to map areas that are within the 100-year floodplain along with flood control structures. In addition to the flood control structures indicated by FEMA, I mapped the Philadelphia Water Department’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure projects as additional sources of flood control. I mapped the neighborhoods Eastwick, Germantown, Grays Ferry, Kingsessing, Mayfair, and South Philadelphia.

The Germantown Area is not at high risk of riverine flooding, but is equipped with green stormwater infrastructure for other water management issues.

Riverine flood risk is widespread across Eastwick. Flood control structures are in place in some locations.

Kingsessing riverine flood risk is limited to the west. Street infrastructure is in place throughout the neighborhood.

Grays Ferry exhibits riverine flood risk and is equipped with several types of infrastructure.

An overall view of flood risk and infrastructure in South Philly provides context (roads and GSI projects excluded for clarity).