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The Pennsylvania Statewide Flood Study, made available by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) estimates economic loss due to flooding across the state. The corresponding flood study generated models of five scenarios (10, 50, 100, 200 and 500-year floods) based on streams and rivers with a drainage basin area of 10 square miles or more. I created maps of the predicted economic losses based on total cost. I studied Mayfair, Kingsessing, the Germantown area, Eastwick, Grays Ferry, and South Philadelphia as a whole. These maps demonstrate that neighborhoods in South Philadelphia are at high risk of riverine flooding.

In Eastwick, economic damage is widespread throughout the neighborhood.

Kingsessing is predicted to experience substantial economic loss along the river.

Grays Ferry demonstrates widespread economic loss throughout the neighborhood.

In the Mayfair Area, no economic losses are predicted.

In the Germantown Area, economic losses are centered around the watershed park.

Predicted Economic Loss in South Philly as a whole is severe.