You can find resources distributed at our workshops in the Workshop Materials section of this website. Below we list additional resources that are local to Philadelphia, as well as more general resources on climate change, information on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and emergency preparedness. 


Climate and Urban Systems Partnership – Climate change resources for Philadelphia residents and residents of other major cities.

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission – Energy efficiency information and resources for the Delaware Valley area.

The Franklin Institute: Climate Change –  Articles on climate change from The Franklin Institute.

Philadelphia Water Department – Information on how climate change impacts city water infrastructure and what actions are being taken to make the city more sustainable.

Growing Stronger: Toward a Climate-Ready Philadelphia – The City of Philadelphia’s adaptation plan for municipal agencies.

Stay Cool, Philly Brochure – Learn what you can do to stay cool during a heat wave in Philadelphia?

Heat Vulnerability Index – This map can help identify Philadelphia communities most at risk for experiencing adverse effects from climate change.

Health Information Card – Print this card at home to keep a concise record of your medical history and needs

Safe and Healthy Homes Program – This program works in partnership with several agencies in the region and strives to reduce illness and injury caused by home health and safety hazards such as fire and fall hazards, asthma triggers, and lead

General Information About Climate Change [news, data, reports, and educational curriculum]

NASA Global Climate Change – NASA’s site provides basic information on climate change causes, effects, and solutions. It also provides climate data in digestible visualizations and news related to global climate change.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – NOAA also provides resource collections that explain climate change. You can also find links to various climate and energy literacy programs here, and learn about climate research being done by NOAA scientists.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – The IPCC is the United Nations body for assessing climate science. You can find the latest international reports on climate change through this website.

Fourth National Climate Assessment – The National Climate Assessment (NCA) reports on the science of climate change and its impacts across the United States, now and throughout this century.

Climate Effects on Health – Information from the CDC on how climate change impacts our health.

Center for Public Health and Climate Change – The Center for Climate Change and Health contributes to building healthy and climate-resilient communities that have the right tools to mitigate and adapt to climate change

Learn About Policy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

National Geographic on Greenhouse Gases (GHG) – Learn about how carbon dioxide was discovered, what gases are causing climate change, and basic information about how to reduce GHG emission. 

Información en español

Clean Air Council – Reportar incendios ilegales en Filadelfia. (Página en inglés y español).

El calor en Filadelfia – Folleto sobre el calor extremo en Filadelphia (del Departamento de Salud Pública).

Mantenerse seguro durante tormentas severas – Folleto sobre cómo mantenerse seguro/a durante tormentas severas (del Departamento de Salud Pública).