Since July 2017, we have conducted more than forty interviews with Philadelphians who have participated in our climate change workshops. These interviews have been conducted by Dr. Alison Kenner and have been designed as oral history interviews. Dr. Kenner has been joined by Russ Zerbo (Clean Air Council), who has co-led a third of the completed interviews.

All interviews have been audio recorded and transcribed. Dr. Kenner and a team of Drexel students are in the process of curating these interviews for publication on this website as well as digital archiving. Our intention is to begin publishing interview excerpts on this website beginning July 31st 2019. Please check back then and look for an email announcement later this summer!

If you have participated in our workshops or interview project and would like more information or a detailed updated on the project, please email us at You can also contact Dr. Kenner at the email address listed on the interview consent form and workshop packet.